We specialize in plant-based ingredient commercialization.

In the 1970s, industry and government partners saw a need to expand the utilization and research of crops. The Proteins, Oils, and Starches Pilot Plant Corporation was created on the University of Saskatchewan campus in Saskatoon to conduct processing and research. As trends shifted, the Proteins, Oils and Starches Pilot Plant Corporation grew into POS Bio-Sciences - an organization that was globally recognized as a trusted expert in bioprocessing. For more than 40 years, POS Bio-Sciences has impacted the food, nutraceutical, cosmetics and bio-product industries all over the world.


In 2019, we have decided to rebrand ourselves to better define the value proposition of the company and position ourselves in the market. Today, we are known as KEYLEAF - the world's leading authority in plant-based extracts and ingredients as products. With our vast experience in plant extraction, concentration, isolation, and modification of material properties, we look forward to bringing about the future of value-added novel plant-based ingredients.

Meet the Team

Dale Kelly

President & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Rick Green

President, Intellectual Capital Generation

Dr. Udaya Wanasundara

President, Global Ingredient Commercialization


Grace Varga

VP Quality Assurance, Regulatory and Strategic Initiatives

Justin White

Vice President, Global Sales and Business Development

Karen Letourneau

Director, Global Business Process

Ory McClelland

Director, HR

Michael Galbraith

Batavia General Manager

Greg Gervais

Compliance Officer

James Shields

VP Finance

Tandra Tupper

Director, Operations

North American Facilities

Canada Facility

Think of it as 52,000 square-feet of pure innovation - one building, eleven laboratories and seven dedicated pilot plant processing areas.

Our facility is the only one of its kind in North America with fully functional concept-commercialization capabilities.

With our world-class equipment related to extraction, refining, drying, evaporating, separation, and explosion-proof handling, we are capable of providing ingredient solutions globally.

US Facility

Our site in Batavia has been serving clients since 1991.

A leader in the design, piloting, and purification of speciality compounds, our US facility's recognized areas of expertise include molecular high vacuum distillation (short-path and fractional) and the production of nutritional compounds.

We are committed to providing services that meet or exceed food processing regulatory guidelines through annual Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Safety System audits.

Certifications & Quality Assurance

  • Certification by SGS for compliance to ISO 9001:2015
  • Site license provided by Health Canada for the manufacturing of Natural Health Products (NHP)
  • Establishment registration provided by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for the manufacturing of ready to eat fish and marine oil
  • Compliant with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards as recommended by Health Canada
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) where applicable
  • Kosher and halal processing on selected processing operations
  • Creation and implementation of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) plans
  • Revenue Canada licensed, bonded manufacturer (process specific)
  • Organic processing operation capability

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