Batavia Bio Processing Celebrates Two Years With KeyLeaf

KeyLeaf/POS has a long history of being a leader in collaboration. This month, they celebrate an important milestone for one of their partner facilities. The processing plant in Batavia, Illinois, has now been a part of the KeyLeaf/POS family for two years. Batavia Bio Processing has developed its reputation as a leader in high vacuum molecular distillation in the industries of food, edible oils, nutraceutical, cosmetics, and bio-based products. From concept to commercial production, the Batavia facility is fully equipped for a range of processing capabilities. Adding Batavia Bio Processing to its organization, KeyLeaf/POS has grown its short path distillation capabilities from 2 litres per hour to 300-400 kgs per hour in oil processing. Batavia has also used its short path distillation processing to make advancements in the concentration of key compounds and the removal of impurities and pesticides in food ingredients and products intended for consumption, such as baby formula and pet foods. Batavia Bio Processing has become one of the few world leaders in processing oils on an industrial scale and has attracted many foreign customers. This shared processing plant also does a lot of work with Algarithm, an ingredient company that develops algal-based Omega 3 ingredients for use in a wide range of foods, who are another close partner of KeyLeaf/POS.

KeyLeaf/POS looks forward to many more years of innovation, collaboration, and industry leadership with Batavia Bio Processing and congratulates them on all of their years of success and partnership.