KeyLeaf Achieves LEAN Certification

After several years of hard work, dedication, and continuous improvement, KeyLeaf/POS has achieved the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporter’s (CME) LEAN Certification Award.

KeyLeaf/POS began its LEAN Certification in 2014 as part of a complete business transformation focusing on continuous improvement and customer value. LEAN is an effective method of reducing waste within current processes, encouraging organizations of all sizes to advance their waste reduction processes so that they happen instinctively and efficiently. Kaizen, which in Japanese means ‘change for better’, serves as the philosophy for this business practice, encompassing the improvement of all functions and covering all levels of an organization no matter the role or job title.

The LEAN credential was awarded to KeyLeaf/POS after a comprehensive audit conducted by the CME, including a review of KeyLeaf/POS’s continuous improvement and waste reduction practices. KeyLeaf/POS has worked to display its dedication to reducing waste and improving how they deliver value. Two of the organization’s LEAN champions, Karen Letourneau and Tyler Cates, have both earned their Black Belt certifications and lead the charge for continuous improvement at KeyLeaf/POS.

“We are amazed at the transformation that has occurred at KeyLeaf/POS. By utilizing LEAN tools and methodologies, we have realized a true culture shift in the way we tackle safety, quality and productivity issues,” says Black Belt Certified Karen Letourneau, who serves as the Director of Global Business Process at KeyLeaf/POS. “We now see each roadblock as an opportunity for improvement. Becoming LEAN Certified is validation that we are on the right path.”

Though there is still a long journey ahead for developing the perfect value-creation process when it comes to waste reduction, KeyLeaf/POS has demonstrated a commitment to this journey and continues to adopt LEAN principles to work towards its vision of process excellence and zero waste.