The future depends on what we do today.

We ensure brilliant ideas, sound research and pioneering products help create a future that is well.

The future depends on what we do today.

We ensure brilliant ideas, sound research and pioneering products help create a future that is well.

Plant-Based Innovation

For over 40 years, we’ve impacted the food, nutraceutical, cosmetics and bio-product industries all over the world under the name POS Bio-Sciences. In 2019, we decided to rebrand ourselves to better reflect who we are, what industries we support, and to better reflect our strategic move toward commercializing a pipeline of finished plant-based ingredients. Today, we are known as KeyLeaf Life Sciences, or KeyLeaf for short – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canopy Growth Corporation and the world’s leading authority in hemp extraction and innovation.

Our transition from POS Bio-Sciences to KeyLeaf happened at the perfect time. Our values, skills and resources are in-line with the evolving food market of the 21st century. Plant-based food solutions aren’t just a trend, they’re a mainstream part of our changing world and are here to stay, and our business model allows us take advantage of burgeoning market opportunities globally.

We work in the food, beverage and nutraceutical ingredient industries to innovate new solutions to fulfill modern needs. Transparency, non-GMO and organic processing, simplification and fewer ingredients, functionality of food, and outsourced innovation are not just among the critical trends we see – but we consider them the minimum price for entry as a supplier and change agent in the modern food market world.

Ingredient commercialization plays a significant role in what we do, and by working with plant-based ingredients, achieve ground-breaking results.

Arms reaching for a wide selection of foods and ingredients over a blue table. Arms reaching for a wide selection of foods and ingredients over a blue table.

Our Mission

Positively disrupting the food, beverage and nutraceutical ingredient industries, creating massive advantage and value for our partners and useful innovation for consumers.

Portrait of Grace Varga
Grace Varga
Vice President Extraction,
Regulatory & Strategic Initiatives

Grace oversees all aspects of KeyLeaf, ensuring strategic and production initiatives are implemented. She has over 30 years of experience in the quality/regulatory space and has completed both a certificate in Quality Management through the University of Manitoba and a Certificate in Quality Auditing through the American Society of Quality.

Portrait of Dr. Rick Green
Dr. Rick Green
Director, Manufacturing Process Development

Dr. Rick Green joined KeyLeaf (then known as POS Pilot Plant Corporation) in 1989. As President of Technology Development for Proteins, Natural Products and Carbohydrates, his responsibilities include mentoring and coordination of the technical team for the development of new ingredient processes and technologies for the food, and health and wellness industries. His expertise includes process development in the area of extraction and isolation of proteins, fibre, polyphenol extracts, and microencapsulation.

Portrait of Justin White
Justin White
Vice President,
Global Sales & Business Development

As the VP of Global Sales and Business Development, Justin White is responsible for increasing sales, expand international market footprints, and energizing product development. Throughout his career, he has cultivated high performance teams to launch new products/ingredients divisions and achieve aggressive goals.

Portrait of Tandra Tupper
Tandra Tupper

Tandra is responsible for instituting continuous improvement systems which provide effective internal management and has direct responsibility for managing and providing strategic leadership and oversight to Operations, Materials, Lab Services, and Process Development teams. Her experience includes over 15 years in food manufacturing with roles within different functional groups of the protein industry and she has recently achieved her Lean Greenbelt Certification through CME.

Portrait of Ory McClelland
Ory McClelland

Ory McLelland is responsible for Human Resources, Health & Safety, and Administration at KeyLeaf. He has 10+ years of experience in HR and Health & Safety and completed a Bachelor of Commerce from the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan. He is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources.

Portrait of Michael Galbraith
Michael Galbraith
Batavia, General Manager

As General Manager, Mike manages all operations at Batavia facility, including overall facility viability, operational excellence and change management, with a focus on continuous improvement. Mike has 18 years of operations management experience in sugar, vegetable oil, and medical cannabis production.

Darryl Minty
Director, Global Business Process

Certifications & Quality Assurance


ISO 9001:2015 - SGS Certification
Natural Health Products (NHP) Site license (Health Canada)
Industrial Hemp License (Health Canada)
Saskatchewan Certificate of Recognition (COR®) Program
CME LEAN Certification Award
GMP Standards Compliance (Health Canada)
Kosher & Halal processing
RTE Fish & Marine Oil - CFIA
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) plans
Organic processing
Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)


US FDA Food Facility Registration
Silliker GMP and Food Safety Systems Audit (Mérieux NutriSciences)
Illinois Department of Agriculture Hemp Processor License
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) plans
Kosher & Halal processing
Organic processing

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