KeyLeaf speaks on new opportunities in plant proteins at the Protein Trends and Technologies Seminar in the U.S.

KeyLeaf/POS recently was invited by Global Food Forums to present at the Protein Trends and Technologies Seminar in Itasca, USA. Dr. Anusha Samaranayaka represented KeyLeaf/POS at the conference, offering a presentation on current trends and challenges in the field of plant protein ingredients, and discussed how plant-based ingredients can be used in different food formulations.

The 2-day conference brought together more than 250 participants from industry, academia, and government, to learn, network, and share insights on topics such as advancements in technologies, current trends, and opportunities in different fields. Attendees also had the chance to sample and test a variety of new and cutting-edge products.

Dr. Samaranayaka’s presentation focused on key opportunities and challenges for plant proteins, and showcased KeyLeaf/POS’s work in this area, highlighting how the company produces ingredients considering flavor and functionality aspects during processing and even pre- and post-processing to create specialty protein ingredients. The taste of plant proteins was one of Dr. Samaranayaka’s main points of emphasis.

“No matter how functional or how great the protein ingredient looks, it doesn’t fly if it doesn’t taste good,” says Dr. Samaranayaka. “For example, pea protein can have beany notes and rice protein can be gritty. Multiple stakeholders in this industry must come together, communicate, and collaborate in creating great tasting and functional plant protein ingredients and food formulations”

The conference proved to be a wonderful platform for showcasing KeyLeaf/POS technology and innovation with plant protein, which is a continually growing and evolving industry. More and more people around the world are becoming aware of and concerned with health and wellness issues, and plant-based ingredients, research, and development have subsequently taken centre stage. KeyLeaf/POS is a leader in the industry, having made great strides in research and development through the company’s machine learning initiative, protein functionality testing services, and functional protein database establishment, and in producing other functional ingredients with dedicated business units such as Algarithm and Lakessence.

Going forward, KeyLeaf/POS is well positioned to be an ongoing innovator and industry leader and welcomes future opportunities similar to the Protein Trends and Technologies Seminar to share additional insights, and help advance the development of functional plant proteins.

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